David N. Ruzic  "Li as a first wall material"
     S.V.Mirnov   "Li in tokamaks"
     A.Kreter "Research on plasma-material interaction in dedicated facilities"


     R.Pitts "The physics of divertor power exhaust on ITER"
     R.Pitts "ITER status and challenges"
     A.S. Kukushkin "2D numerical modeling of divertor plasma in the tokamak"


     K. Nordlund "Molecular dynamics simulations for plasma-materials interactions"
     D. Borodin "Modelling of PSI experiments using the 3D local impurity transport MC code ERO and extrapolation of the results for ITER"
     D. Ruzic "Overview of plasma technology"


     S. Krasheninnikov "From plasma to wall and back"
     Layet Jean-Marc "Diagnostics and characterisation of materials"
     Grisolia Christian "Dust in fusion devices"


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