FUNFI4 is the fourth edition of an international conference dedicated to the physics, technology and engineering of machines where fusion reactions drive a fission blanket. Such Hybrid devices are intended for energy generation, fissile fuel production and nuclear waste transmutation. FUNFI4 is organized by NRNU MEPhl, INFN (Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics), CNR (National Research Council) and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development).

The main aim of the conference is to identify the proposals/projects with a high degree of reliability to make the technology available.




  National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”





1) Mission and priorities of Demonstrators;

2) Device comparison: Tokamak or mirror based systems, stellarators and other configurations; level of readiness of the technologies and R&D essential programme.

3) Pilot experiments for FH demonstration, in particular in the field of gas dynamic traps and alternative magnetic configurations.



There are several hotels near MEPhI. It descriptions will be posted here later.



Please contact us ( ) no later than 20 Sept. 2020 if you need a visa to Russia.



The template of the abstract: Abstract_template.docx    The abstract should be sent to



FUNFI'4 will be organized as a mixed intramural and online event if COVID restrictions remain in November. So we will arrange remote presentation capability (via ZOOM) even if your visit to Russia will be impossible.